Tunde Ednut Makes Confession About Living fake Life

Tunde Ednut Makes Confession

Tunde Ednut Makes Confession

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Tunde Ednut Makes Confession

Tunde Ednut Makes Confession: Former Nigerian singer and current Instagram sensation has taken to his platform to share a bit of his hustling experience as well as drop advice for those willing to do anything to impress the audience of the gram.

He decided to wreck the table that a lot of gram celebrities are standing on. He explicitly said that celebrities were living fake lives. he said while the said celebrities might have made a couple of hit songs, they are still quite broke and cant afford the lifestyle they portray.

Making practical example, he used himself. He said he was under Dr. Sid when he was still fueling his music career. Tunde Ednut stated that he wore everything Dr. Sid owned. From clothes to shoes, wristwatches, chains and other accessories he could lay his hands on. He said he would dress this way and then go for shows.

See his post below;

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#FactsOnly Once again, Thank you @iamDrSid

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Do we take it now that Tunde Ednut has made said money and is no longer living fake life?

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