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Sophie Momodu Receives 40k Airtime From Secret Admirer After Crying About Being Broke

Sophie Momodu Receives 40k

Sophie Momodu Receives 40k

Sophie Momodu Receives 40k: Earlier today, Davido’s first baby mama Sophia Momodu jokingly made a post on Instagram saying she was broke, to which a secret admirer sent her 40k worth of airtime.

The fact that Sophie is a mother of one has done absolutely nothing to shrink the influx of admirers. In recent past, a saga ensued between she and her baby daddy Davido who claimed he gave her a ride on his jet as a favor to which she disagreed and called him a liar.

Today she said she was broke and had no airtime to waste to which one of her admirers jumped at and sent her 40k airtime.

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