Rappers Biggest Bets On Sporting Events

Rappers Biggest Bets On Sporting Events

Rappers Biggest Bets On Sporting Events

Rappers Biggest Bets On Sporting Events: For years, some of the biggest rappers have either secured or parted with some considerable money on sports bets. Whether it’s betting online on bookies like Betway or placing wagers in Las Vegas casinos, most rappers enjoy wagering on sports.

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In the 2018 college football national championship game between the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia, Drake won a bet with the Migos Quavo. Bama ended up winning when the game went overtime, but Drizzy only took home the bragging rights. Both rappers have a history of changing some major coins on sports.

With some money at hand, let us look at some of hip-hop’s most memorable, high stakes on sports.

Super Bowl XLV, green bay packer vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (2011)

Birdman placed one million dollars on the packer to win the match. The Green bay packers won the game, making Birdman win the bet. He used the money to purchase a Landaulet, Maybach.

NBA finals, Miami heat’s vs. Dallas mavericks (2011)

In this game, which took place on South Beach in 2010, Birdman placed two million dollars on the game. Birdman put the whole amount on Miami Heats to win the match, but the Dallas Mavericks won the game. That resulted in a $2 million loss for the rapper.

Super Bowl XLVI, New England Patriots vs. New York Giants (2012)

With Betway online sports betting offering solid odds on Super Bowl XLVI, many punters took the opportunity to bet on this game. Birdman was among the celebrities that went in heavily on the game, betting five million dollars on the New England Patriots. However, a win by the New York Giants saw him lose the bet.

NCAA men’s basketball final four, University of Kentucky vs. University of Wisconsin (2015)

Drake placed some money on the final four matches between the University of Kentucky and the University of Wisconsin. The badger ended up beating the perennial powerhouse, and Chuck was not shy about the outcome of the game on social media. The amount at stake in this game was six thousand dollars.

Canelo alvarez vs Miguel cotto (2015)

In this match, Jay Z lost one hundred thousand dollars on a game that featured his rock nation client, Miguel Cotto Placed the bet on Cotto made Jay Z lose the money when Canelo lost the game. The amount won by Jigga was donated to a charity of De La Hoya’s choice.

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Canelo Alvarez (2013)

In the 2013s match between Floyd Mayweather jr and Canelo Alvarez, Snoop Dogg places one pound of weed on Floyd to win. Snoop Dogg secured the bag when Mayweather won the match.

Floyd Mayweather jr vs. Manny Pacquiao (2015)

In the match against Manny Pacquiao, placing a wager on Floyd Mayweather was a sure bet.  Diddy placed a whopping two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on Floyd to win and took the money home when he won the match. 50 Cents also wagered $1.6 million on this match and won.

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