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D’banj’s Rape Accuser, Seyitan Babatayo Releases Press Statement

D'banj's Rape Accuser Seyitan Babatayo Releases Press Statement

D’banj’s Rape Accuser Seyitan Babatayo Releases Press Statement

D’banj’s Rape Accuser Seyitan Babatayo Releases Press Statement: D’banj‘s alleged rape accuser, Seyitan Babatayo has released an official press statement concerning the rape incident.

Ever since the ugly news that D’banj was involved in the rape incident that happened in 2018, social media hasn’t rested one bit. Everyone is agog with the news as it came as a shock to people.

Some took sides with the singer who insisted that he was innocent until proven guilty. Seyitan Babatayo has come out to give her own side of the story, this time with the official backing of several good minded individuals, lawyers and social activists.

She made it clear, the speculations that were floating. She said that D’banj and his team had her arrested and put in jail for 48 hours without proof of a crime committed. Afterwards, she was transferred to a secluded and non disclosed area and made to delete the twitter posts she made and also promote the singer.

She was illegally abducted and made to go through some undertaking that she would only post details approved by D’banj’s team. She also said that her mother was not arrested, contrary to the news that she was.

She expressed her sadness at the fact that rape victims are bullied and intimidated into silence and that was what the singer did to her. She still hopes to get over the fact that her legal and fundamental human rights were taken from her. She said that she still had flashbacks of the rape incident, joined with the days she spent in jail without reason.

She further said that she would need therapy and counselling but in the meanwhile, her team would handle things and she hoped that D’banj would not be able to buy the conscience of the higher authorities. She also called on women and girls that have been raped or harassed to speak up.

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D'banj's Rape Accuser Seyitan Babatayo Releases Press Statement

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