BBNReunion Yerins erupted during Nini and Arin’s argument

Yerins erupted during Nini and Arin’s argument Video

Yerins erupted during BBNReunion : Following Yerins response to Nini Singh and Arin’s argument, the recently concluded Big Brother Naija reality star, Yerins Abraham yesterday stole the stage.

During the Big Brother Naija reunion show, former friends, Arin and Nini had a break out and were arguing among themselves over betrayal in their friendship, when Nini and Arin got into a fight inside the house. Nini confronted Arin for supporting Cross. She also stormed at Arin for making a comment on Cross’ Instagram page that she didn’t quite agree with.

As for Arin, she insisted that it was her handler who commented on Cross’ Instagram page and not her. She denied having anything to do with it. Yerins, who was sitting in between them intervened because he was forced to.  He had to scream at the top of his voice to get their attention, using forceful gestures. In all, it was a total and complete disaster as the pair explored various problems with raised voices.

The other contestants watched on with keen interest, amidst bouts of laughter and giggles. Although, a lot of people would say that they had it coming, it’s true that it is indeed the content we signed up for. Hopefully, they find a way to resolve their issues amicably.



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