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Why Doesn’t Hip Hop Respect Logic Like Eminem?


Why Doesn’t Hip Hop Respect Logic Like Eminem?

Why Doesn’t Hip Hop Respect Logic Like Eminem?: Welcome to a new year, and a fresh start. Today we gonna look at a major question a lot of people, and fans have been asking “Why Doesn’t Hip Hop Respect Logic Like Eminem?”

Eminem is a legendary hip-hop lyricist who happens to be white. Logic is a talented, younger generation biracial rapper that happens to look white. Both accomplished emcees have had much made of their skin complexion, and they themselves have addressed their racial makeup at length. They both have hit songs and can sell-out concerts without needing other big names on the bill. They both have owned their underdog, rags-to-riches come-up journeys as authentically as possible.

The Detroit titan and the Maryland maverick both have family members that they have criticized in their music, and prominent relationships that they have parted from. Also, both Eminem and Logic have addressed the importance of their pen game, writing clever, high class lyrics with ultimate vocabulary skills. But why doesn’t hip-hop seem to respect Logic in a similar manner to the way it does Eminem?

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