The Alte Movement: Here To Stay?

The Alte Movement: Here To Stay?

The Alte Movement: Here To Stay?

The Alte Movement: Here To Stay?: For a while now, a new school of musicians has been taking the industry by storm. They stand out in many ways. Musically, their sound is different, fashion-wise, their wardrobe ensemble packs a blend of confidence and color romance that hasn’t been seen before. Their uniqueness has been demeaned by society but like a Hydra, their resilient spirit keeps growing a new head every passing moment and with each new head, a gathering of new fans to the school. They are called the ALTE CLAN.

Google defines Alte, fully described as Alternative, as the Nigerian youth known for creating, showcasing, and promoting fashion styles and genre-bending music which strongly differ from the widespread standards.

The Alte movement began with major cats like BlackMagic, Asa, Brymo, and Bez holding the torch, but recently a handful of musicians are taking the movement to a more permanent location. Artists like Santi, formerly known as Ozzy B has been a major pioneer of the new Alte clan, BOJ, the coiner of the word ‘‘Alte”, Odunsi, Tay Iwar, Nonso Amadi, Wavy The Creator, Ajebutter22, Tems, Tomi Thomas of LOS, Show Dem Camp (SDC), Lady Donli, and Wurld, to mention a few, have decided to step away from the regular loud and semi-empty street-music genre to give us a taste of their own medicine. For many, the medicine created sound waves so good, that they couldn’t wait for the next round of the syrup, while others, didn’t quite enjoy the taste.

Alte artists have been criticized and termed as wannabees. They’ve been categorized as the ‘‘new age” sound in condescending tones. People that don’t believe in their movement and don’t understand their sound have termed them dirty, spoilt rich kids that just want to be different for the sake of being different.” This description is far from the truth.

The Alte Clan has churned some of the most soothing melodies that Nigeria has produced in a while. With well – defined lyrics and wonderful instrumentals, they have made a bold statement and many – Blank Canvass inclusive – are marching with them to say

“we support you”.

The clan has dished out so many wonderful songs, it’s a wonder why many people still talk about their style of dressing and their videos instead of listening to the content of their songs. From Freaky by Santi, Bridge and Odunsi, to the lovely melodies of Oceans by Nonso Amadi and Odunsi, No Crime by Nonso Amadi, Contagious by Wurld, Alte Cruise by Odunsi, Zamir and Santi, the clan isn’t going wrong. They have rappers like PrettyBoy D-O, the SDC comprising of Ghost and Tec, two very exceptional rappers that have a very unique style of rap that is rich, entertaining, and politically conscious. I urge anyone that hasn’t listened to any alte songs to give it a try before following the naysayers. Go through the list of Alte artists that I mentioned above. Get their songs. You’ll love them.

Of recent, our mainstream artists have been seen as having collaborations with these alte artists. The likes of Davido featuring Odunsi, Runtown doing Star Signs with Odunsi, Wizkid with Skepta, the SDC have been in collabos with MI, Ajebutter22 with the likes of Mr Eazi, Falz, the trio of DRB Lasgidi consisting of Teezee, Fresh L, and BOJ, have collaborated with both foreign and local artists. This begets my next question. Will the influx of some of this commercial vultures-pun intended- and labels change the sound of this clan? Will these artists finally yield to the call of the commercial bus? What will happen to the fans and loyalists that the movement garnered? Will the Alte movement persevere?

In conclusion, Alte is not just music or fashion. Alte can be likened as a mindset that doesn’t accept the chains of normalcy latched on the populace by the populace. It’s a doctrine that doesn’t conform to the whims of society. It’s a religion that doesn’t believe in slavery. Those that won’t understand it will fight it while those that embrace it, will move on to further enlightenment. For the artists that have used their music to stay different and not to conform to the norm, maneat fidelis.

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