Review of Starboy Wizkid’s Soundman EP

Review of Starboy Wizkid’s Soundman EP

Review of Starboy Wizkid’s Soundman EP

Review of Starboy Wizkid’s Soundman EP: The Starboy Wizkid, over the years, has been nothing but great. From his first album, local and foreign features, leaving his first record label to creating his own, awards, to having his own cloth-line, nothing else can describe the Starboy other than A Decade Strong.

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On the 6th of December, Wizkid dropped an Extended Play project titled SOUNDMAN VOL. 1. Let’s call a spade a spade. Before this EP, like an athlete running and accidentally slips on a banana peel at the turn, Wizkid has derailed massively. Giving us half-chops as songs and expecting us to enjoy it. Before the EP, he dropped Joro. A song that has become almost a national anthem – of course, it’s Wizkid, it should be a national anthem, right? – And people failed to see what an utter failure that song was. It’s even become an online question- say how many times Joro was mentioned in the song and stand the chance of winning a cash prize- and by my last count, some said 61. One word 61 times? Was he trying to break Dr Sid’s Take Banana’s record? What was his aim? Half-chop Blank Canvass must say and a wrong song to celebrate Independence Day with.

Fast-forward to December, the first week of the month, Wizkid dropped his EP. It’s quite possible that he dropped it in order to cash out from the December jamboree like other artists have done in the past, him inclusive, but the EP has not seen complete daylight since it was dropped. We understand that the music industry is taking a new twist for the better and older artists are trying to blend with the new sounds, but Wizkid ends up making us expect more and delivers less.

Let’s look at the song ‘‘Jam”. No doubt, Wizkid’s ability to carry you on a cruise ship with flat lyrics is top-notch but the Wizkid we knew is missing completely from the song. It’s not a song that will be remembered. Also, the beat has basic similarities with the ‘‘National Anthem” Joro and Ghetto Love.

‘‘Cover Me” is or should be the coolest song on the EP. Shout out to Kel P. Beautiful guitar melodies. There’s always that song that only true fans will play and that song is ‘‘Thankful.” Most will play because they feel it has to talk about prayers, showering of blessings and every other thing that makes some people look for miracles. Still another cruise ship and they’ll gladly enjoy the ride. ‘‘Mine” would do well with Rihanna’s people but not with Nigerians. Nice lyrics but then again, only a few would play it and enjoy it. Yes, there’s a difference between playing a song and enjoying a song. Moving on…

‘‘Blow” ‘‘Blow” ‘‘Blow” ‘‘Blow” ‘‘Blow” ‘‘Blow.” Blow is a song that didn’t blow. There’s a difference between blow and ‘‘blow” and this ‘‘blow” did not blow like other blows. It still has the kind of vibe that “Fake Love” gave us, still Wizkid doing his thing -as usual- and the fans loving it. It seems like the great Starboy is selecting almost the same type of beats.

‘‘Ease your mind”, although a credible song, the instrumental seemed rushed. It’s a song that makes one think calmly while Wizkid captains his ship.

The need to stay afloat in the entertainment industry is of utmost importance but at the same time, giving us complete packages is importanter. Wizkid may presumably be under a lot of pressure to dish out songs but then again, the fans get to take part in the blame – a topic for another day though. Then again, he is Nigeria’s golden Starboy – not sure if those two words can be used together – and even if the EP doesn’t sell massively, it won’t be a complete failure. Also, this might help him plan his Made in Lagos album perfectly. It’s not easy being at the top for 10 years straight. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

A Decade Strong!


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